50+ Free Genshin Impact Accounts & Passwords 2024

50+ Free Genshin Impact Accounts & Passwords 2024

Free Genshin Impact Accounts & Passwords: Today I’m going to share with you Free Genshin Impact Accounts with Best 5 Star Characters for Free. Genshin Impact, a free-to-play action RPG with ‘Gacha,’ was developed by miHoYo and released in September 2020.

It’s set in the open world of Teyvat, featuring seven nations and a captivating storyline. Initially on Android, iOS, Windows, PS4, and PS5, it gained immense popularity. If you’re interested in upgrading your account for free with more in-game resources like Crystals and Primogems, you’re in the right place.

And our free Genshin impact account with all characters are the way to experience them! If you want to acquire in-game resources quickly, you’ll need to spend real money. The cost varies based on the amount you want, with 60 Genshin Crystals costing $0.99.

100% Working Free Genshin Impact Premium Accounts

There are a few ways to get free Genshin Impact Premium accounts. One way is to sign up for a free Genshin Impact Premium account through their website. Another way is to find a free Genshin Impact Premium account through our list. Finally, you can ask someone you know if they have a free Genshin Impact Premium account that you can use.

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So, if you want to go like a pro in Genshin Impact, stick to this post and move on to get some working free Genshin Impact accounts that works and come with everything you need.

A Quick Overview of Genshin Impact

Before we delve into the giveaway of Genshin Impact accounts, let’s take a moment to explore the reasons behind the game’s rapid rise to popularity since its launch. The captivating storyline and engaging gameplay have been instrumental in introducing Genshin Impact to gamers worldwide.

Genshin Impact unfolds in Teyvat, a fantastical world comprised of seven nations, each governed by a distinct deity. The protagonist, known as the Traveler, becomes ensnared in Teyvat and embarks on a quest for answers from The Seven.

The game’s open-world design empowers players to command characters endowed with unique abilities and wield diverse weapons. Players can undertake a range of actions, such as running, climbing, and executing elemental attacks.

In-game currency, earned through diverse activities, serves as a means to acquire characters and equipment.

Stay tuned until the end for an opportunity to access Genshin Impact accounts with 5-star perks!

What are Genshin Impact Free Accounts

Genshin Impact stands out as a top RPG, offering an engaging experience as players progress through levels and earn rewards.

To facilitate the leveling journey and acquire valuable in-game resources like Genshin Crystals and Primogems without any financial investment, free Genshin Impact accounts are accessible. These accounts enable players to advance to higher levels without the need to spend real money.

So, fellow gamers, are you prepared to save your hard-earned dollars and bypass the sometimes tedious leveling process?

Without further ado, let’s explore the available free Genshin Impact accounts, providing you with the opportunity to sign in and continue your game at elevated levels.

In this article, seize the chance to obtain a Genshin account with characters like Hu Tao, Raiden Shogun, Klee, Xiao, or even Zhongli without any cost!

Free Genshin Impact Accounts and Passwords List

It’s time to elevate your gaming experience, and the wait is finally over. The list below includes Genshin Impact free accounts and passwords, generously equipped with Genshin Crystals, Primogems, Mora, Sigils, and more.

These free Genshin Impact accounts grant you access to valuable items and currencies without the need to complete tasks. In-app purchases like Genshin Crystals provide significant advantages, allowing you to progress and obtain superior items within the game without spending real money.

Rest assured that all the free Genshin Impact accounts listed below are safe and free to use. We have not utilized any Account Generator or third-party websites, as each account is generously sponsored by end-users.

Now, you can immerse yourself in playing Genshin Impact without any concerns. Each account comes with over 1000 Genshin Crystals, and the game kicks off from higher levels.

If you’re eager to skip the mundane levels, simply choose a Genshin Impact free account and password from the list below, and embark on your journey to conquer the game.

What better way to do so than with our free Genshin Impact account, featuring all characters and other exciting features? Secure yours today!

Genshin Impact Premium Accounts and Passwords

Log in to Genshin Impact using the provided premium accounts and save both money and time. Say goodbye to starting from scratch in leveling up. This section is your gateway to Genshin Crystals and Primogems, resources that aren’t easily earned and typically require purchases ranging from $1 to $99. Spending approximately 1600 Crystals for just 10 wishes is a significant investment.

Consider the costs of in-game subscriptions like The Blessing of the Welkin Moon, Adventurer’s Bundle, Gnostic Hymn, and Gnostic Chorus, each priced between $9.99 and more. These subscriptions offer various perks, including Battle Pass levels, Fragile Resin, and more.

With our premium Genshin Impact free accounts and passwords, you can bypass the need to invest real dollars in subscriptions, Genshin Crystals, Battle Passes, and other in-game items. Everything you require will be unlocked in these premium free accounts.

Whether you’re a newcomer or find yourself stuck in the middle of the game, peruse the list of free Genshin Impact premium accounts below. Sign in and continue playing from higher levels, converting Genshin Crystals to Primogems for purchasing Battle Pass levels, Acquaint and Intertwined Fates, and more.

These premium accounts come equipped with hundreds of Genshin Crystals and converted Primogems, essential elements in the game. Some may even contain Stardust, Starglitter, and more. Take advantage of this opportunity to reach the highest levels without worrying about spending money.

Warning: Do not change the password of any account.


Chose one, you might land a free Genshin account with loaded with raiden shogun, hu tao and more.

Genshin Impact Modded Accounts and Passwords

Here’s an exclusive opportunity for you to stay in the game of Genshin Impact, just in case the previously listed free accounts and passwords didn’t work during your visit.

Now, let’s delve into what Genshin Impact modded accounts are all about.

These are essentially modified accounts that have been utilized once. However, rest assured that we have changed the usernames and passwords for each account, providing you with fresh and secure access.

Unlike third-party websites, most of these Genshin Impact modded accounts are sponsored by our team. Once you log in to Genshin Impact with these free accounts, you won’t need to start from the beginning. There’s no requirement for purchases of Genshin Crystals, Primogems, Gnostic Hymn/Chorus, and other in-game items since every account is generously stocked with characters, weapons, and all the essential items you need.

Should you encounter any difficulties using these modded Genshin Impact free accounts, consider downloading the Genshin Impact modded version. While it’s not the official app, it is lightweight and offers a range of features, including unlimited Primogems, Genesis Crystals, Virtual Currency, Gacha Rolls, Hero’s Wits, all weapons, all characters’ animations, all skills, and an anti-ban system.

Please note that although this modded version isn’t the official app, it provides an alternative for those seeking additional features and resources.


Hacked Genshin Impact Accounts and Passwords

In the section above, you’ve been introduced to various types of Genshin Impact accounts that are functional.

In this segment, we’ve compiled a list of active Genshin Impact premium free accounts and passwords that are safe for use. There’s no need to worry about the safety of these accounts, despite the term “hacked” in the title. Achieving premium status in Genshin Impact typically involves spending money to purchase Genshin Crystals, Primogems, Gnostic Hymn/Chorus, Adventurer’s Bundle, Virtual Currency, and more. Once you acquire these premium items, characters, weapons, skills, name cards, and other features are unlocked. However, these hacked Genshin Impact accounts come preloaded with everything unlocked.

It’s important to note that these Genshin Impact premium hacked accounts are not unsafe. They were compromised due to users neglecting to secure their accounts with strong passwords. We have rectified this by updating the accounts with robust passwords, ensuring they won’t be compromised again. Each account in the list comes with different premium items unlocked.

To obtain the items you need, try signing in with multiple accounts. However, act quickly as these accounts may be used by other users. If you’re eager to start from the middle or higher levels, seize this opportunity and embark on your mission.


Note: The All Accounts Belong to Us. If you can’t get a free account, leave a comment. A free account will be sent soon on your email.

What Are Genshin Crystals and How to Use Them?

These are the main paid currency in the game and can only be obtained via the store. The price of Genshin Crystals starts from $0.99 for 60 and ends at a price tag of $99.99 for 6480 Genshin Crystals.

Genshin Crystals can also be used to get Primogems and for Wishes. For 10 Wishes, you’ll lose 1600 Crystals instantly.

How to Quickly Level Up the Characters and Receive Weapons?

To get weapons in Genshin Impact, you need Starglitter. It is a currency used to purchase rare resources from the shop.

To get this currency, the rolls you got from Wishes should be 5-star. For Wishes, use 1600 Genshin Crystals for 10 Wishes. To level up the characters, use the common currency, Mora.

How to Use FreeCash to Get a Genshin Impact Premium Account?

To get free money via FreeCash, all you have to do is to register on FreeCash and complete the given tasks to earn money. Once you’ve enough money, use it to get VISA or Amazon gift cards. Finally, use those to get a Genshin Impact account free of cost.


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