Rooter App Owner and How to Earn Money From Rooter App

Rooter App Owner: Friends, in today’s time, who does not want that he has money and he can fulfill all his dreams? But you do not have enough means to earn money, due to which you stay away from all these things, so lets know more about Rooter App Owner.

So hello friends, welcome once again to your own website We all want to earn money but due to some or the other shortcomings stay away from them.

That’s why we have brought a very excellent application for all of you today.

With the help of this one application, you can easily earn a lot of money.

Now if you are looking for an application to earn money online, then with the help of this Rooter App, you can easily earn money sitting at home and take out your pocket money.

This is a very easy app that you can earn money from it while working or at anytime.

So today we will tell you that this Rooter App Kaise Kaam Karta Hai and your Rooter App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye.

Now if you want to earn money online, then for complete information about this router app, read our article to the end so that you can use this app easily.

What is Rooter App?

Now let’s talk about what is this router app.

This is a very good Indian Application. This application is developed by Rooter Sports Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and was incorporated on 20 May 2016.

Along with this, we talk about its founder, then the founders are Akshat Goyal, Dipesh Agarwal, and Piyush Kumar.

Router applications are a type of sports type application. On this one application, you can watch all types of matches live and you can easily earn money by live streaming on YouTube.

You get to see many options in this one application like – uploading videos, watching live sports matches, and live streaming.

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Rooter App Information

This is an Indian Esports Streaming Application. Where you can watch live streaming of anything and any type of live streaming without any problem.

There are also many types of weekly contests in this app, in which you can earn or win even more money by participating.

When you use this one application, you see many opportunities to earn money. In this, you can easily win money by doing your own live streaming or watching others’ live streaming.

Here you can earn money as well as win lots of prizes.

Everything in this application is according to Rooter Coin and you get all these coins by completing different types of tasks.

Now if you are a game lover then with the help of these coins you can also Redeem in UC, Diamond, or DJ Alok.

Rooter App Owner

Now the question will come to the mind of many people who is the owner of this router app.

Piyush Kumar is both the owner and founder of the router app. Their main motive is to connect as many people as possible together.

Along with this, according to Piyush Kumar – “In the present day envisioning we are building this router app to make the largest platform of game streaming in India.
CEO of Rooter App – Piyush Kumar

How to Download Rooter App

How To Download Rooter App: Now let us talk about how to download this Rooter App. Follow the steps to download the router app.

  • First of all, you have to go to Play Store on your mobile.
  • Now you have to search by typing Rooter on the search engine.
  • After doing this, you will see Rooter: Watch Gaming & Esports App.
  • Now you have to click on Install here.
  • After that, it will be installed in no time.

With the help of the given steps, you can easily download this router app. If you face any problem in downloading it, you can easily download it from the link given below.

How to Create Account on Rooter App

Now whether you are thinking of earning money with the help of any app, before that, the question comes in front of you how can you create an account properly in it?

Many users ignore this information by taking it very lightly so that their account is not verified.

So to avoid this problem, you can easily follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, you have to download this application from Google Play Store.
  • If for some reason this app is not running on your device, then before that restore your mobile once but do not download it from the wrong place.
  • Now you have to open your application and select the language of your choice.
  • After this, you will get to see many games, out of which you have to choose the Game B of your choice.
  • Now click on the option of Next.
  • After this, now you have to enter the mobile number and verify it with the help of OTP.
  • Remember, you have to select the same number which is on your UPI ie Paytm, or any other online app.
  • Once the number is verified, your account will be created.

How to Earn Money with Rooter App

There are many ways to earn money from the Rooter App, with the help of which you can earn a good amount of money daily. You can follow the below steps to earn money from this router app.

1. Refer & Earn: In this method, you have to first go to the profile of your router app and click on 3 dots there.

After clicking on it, you will see the option of Refer & Earn 200 Coins, on which you have to click.

After clicking, you have to share this app on your social media accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Now as soon as your friends or neighbors download this app from your given link, you will get 200 coins immediately. As this count becomes more, more and more coins will be collected from you in the same way.

You can convert these coins into money and put them in your Paytm.

This is also a very good way to earn money from the router app.

2. Live Stream: In this medium, you can do live streaming of any type of game or anything. For example, PUBG or BGMI is a very famous game that all gaming fans like to watch.

Now if you live to stream this game on your YouTube or any other streaming medium then you can easily earn money from it.

Also, people who like you can also give you some amount of money, which is known as Superchat in the gaming language.

So this is a wonderful way to do it.

3. Join Contest: This third method is the easiest. In this, you do not need to do any kind of Refer & Earn or Live Streaming.

In this, you get to see live streams of PUBG or BGMI and Free Fire games, in which many contests keep happening.

To join or participate in any game, all you have to do is click on that game and join the game by clicking on the join option.

In such a situation, you can win many prizes along with money by participating in these contests. This is a very easy and good way to earn money online.

How Many Coins Do You Get on The Rooter app?


How to Use Rooter App

Now it will come to the mind of many people that because it is a money-earning app. So it will be difficult to drive and will take more time.

So there is nothing like this, this is a very simple app that has been built in very simple language.

Even after this, if you face any problem in using this application, then follow the steps given by us.

Home: Now as soon as you open this app, first you will get to see the option of Home. In this home, you will get to see photos and videos uploaded by other people.

Plus Icon: Now in the icon of this home, you will get to see the option of Plus Icon at the bottom. Now as soon as you click on it, then 4 options will appear in front of you.

Contests: From the name of this option, you must have understood that in this you have to participate in any other competitions and if you win there then you can get a good amount.

What is Rooter streaming?

Rooter is India’s Leading Game Streaming Platform. Consider us as Twitch of India, but with a focus on the massive mobile gaming market of more than 350 mn gamers.


Today, got a lot of information related to this router app and know how you can easily earn money online while sitting at home with the help of this one app. If you like this article Who is Rooter App Owner? How to earn money from Rooter App – In 2022 everything will be liked and easily understood.

If a friend of yours asks you how to earn money online, then definitely reach this article to him and all your friends.

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Rooter App Owner

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