50+ Youtube Premium Free Accounts in 2023 [100% Working]

50+ Youtube Premium Free Accounts in 2023 [100% Working]

Free Youtube Premium Accounts: Are you also bothered by youtube ads? Or if you also want to play YouTube videos in the background, then read this article What is YouTube Premium?

In this article, I will tell you what YouTube Premium is? How does it work? How to get a youtube premium membership? What are the advantages of YouTube Premium with this? And many more, stay connected with this article.

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a paid membership service launched by YouTube which has been created by YouTube for those people who do not like advertisements at all while watching videos on YouTube. You can watch ad-free videos on YouTube by taking YouTube Premium Membership. Along with this, you can also play those videos in the background.

YouTube has already launched in many countries before launching in India in 2018. YouTube Premium was earlier known as YouTube Red, later its name was changed to youtube. YouTube Premium aims to give you the best experience.

After taking YouTube Premium Membership, you can use it on any device like you have taken YouTube Premium Membership on your phone. After this, you can also use YouTube Premium on your phone, tablet, and smart TV. All you have to do is log in to the account from which you have taken YouTube premium membership on your second device.

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Benefits of YouTube Premium Account 2023

There are many benefits of YouTube Premium, we will see them one by one.

Ad-Free Video:

The biggest advantage of YouTube Premium is that you can watch ad-free videos on it. In this, you will not see any kind of ad like before and during the video, as well as a banner ad, search ad, and video overlay i.e. ad that appears at the bottom of the video.

If you do not like watching ads while watching videos on youtube then youtube premium is right for you.

Background Play Video:

In YouTube Premium, you can play youtube videos in the background, which you cannot do in YouTube right now.

For example, if you have played a video on YouTube, then you can play it and come to the homepage on your phone and do any other work. Whereas now if you watch a video on YouTube and you press the back button, then that video stops.

With this feature, you can run other apps while watching videos on YouTube and you can play YouTube videos even after locking your phone.

YouTube Originals:

If you are fond of watching youtube original videos then you will definitely like youtube premium membership.

YouTube Originals have their own video series like Netflix, Mx Player, and Amazon Prime have their own original series. In the same way, now YouTube is also releasing its original series.

Although youtube’s original series are mostly in English only.

YouTube Music Premium:

YouTube Music Premium is YouTube’s own music app, in which you can listen to music. But for this, you have to pay something but if you take YouTube Premium Membership then you will also get free access to YouTube Music Premium.

In this, you can listen to ad-free music, download it and play music in the background. With this, you will also get free access to YouTube Gaming, and YouTube Kids.

Offline Download:

In YouTube Premium, you can save the video in offline mode, as you know that on YouTube you get an option to save offline, from that you can save the video in offline mode and watch it without the internet, but there is a problem with it. That video is saved only for a month, after that, it has to be saved again.

Whereas this is not the case in YouTube Premium, in this your saved video will remain as long as you take YouTube Premium Membership. Also, you can save any video in it, while YouTube does not give the option to save all the videos. You cannot save any video on youtube right now.

How to get YouTube Premium Membership 2023?

To get a YouTube Premium Membership, first of all, you have to open the youtube app on your phone. After this you have to login into it, keep in mind that you have to log in with the same account from which you want to take YouTube Premium Membership.

After this, you have to click on the profile and then click on Get YouTube Premium. In this, you will get three plans. 129, 189, and 79 as you can see in the image. You get a one-month free trial in these three plans. After taking one month’s free trial, if you do not like YouTube Premium, then you can also cancel it.

After this, you have to click on try it free and enter your credit or debit card details here. There is no need to worry, YouTube will not deduct any money from you. After entering the card details youtube will deduct just 1 rupee from your card and then it will come back to your account. With this youtube simply checks whether your card is in working condition or not.

After entering the details of the card, you have to click on buy and after that, you can use YouTube Premium.

How to cancel YouTube Premium Membership 2023?

If you do not like YouTube Premium after one month, then you can also cancel it. YouTube will not deduct any money from you after canceling. To cancel YouTube Premium, you have to click on the profile. After this you will get the option of premium, you have to click on it. After this, you have to click on deactivate.

After this you will get two options, one to pause and the other to cancel, you have to click on cancel, and after that, your membership will be canceled. Keep in mind that you have to cancel within a month because after one month YouTube will automatically deduct money from your card.

Youtube Premium Accounts – 2023

YouTube Premium Free Accounts For 2023

Email IdPassword
YouTube Premium Free Accounts – 2023

Free Youtube Premium Account 2023

Email AddressPassword
Free Youtube Premium Account – 2023

Youtube Free Premium Accounts 2023

Youtube Free Premium Accounts 2023

How To Take YouTube Subscription 2023?

  • Open the YouTube app on your phone or tablet.
  • Now sign in to your Google Account.
  • Now tap on your profile picture.
  • Then start the free trial. After doing the free trial, subscribe to YouTube Premium as per the plan.

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